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Upon the horn being blown, please leave the ice promptly and in a safe manner.Before you step onto the rink for the first time, follow these simple ice skating tips for beginners.

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He might catch the hint, but to be safe, put his arm around you to show that you want a hug.

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Many skating instructors and coaches are on the lookout for innovative game ideas for ice skating.But fret not, Kids City in Phnom Penh offers an ice skating rink on level 10 and provides a variety of lessons.


Borough workers measure the ice and tell Devlin the thickness.Squirt hockey drills are designed for players under the age of 10.For some reason, they think ice skates are like boots and if they fall once or get uncomfortable, they mistakenly loosen the boots.There were two wonderful ponds within walking distance of my house.There are some ice skating exercises which you can practice in order to get proper balance.Check out our tips for finding a quality figure skating program or speed skating program.

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After all the physical activity the summer provided, I craved movement in the cold of winter.Unless you regularly hit up the ice rink, a seasonal approach to ice skating can take a big toll on your feet and ankles.Learn some ice skating tips from our skating expert in this free video clip series.

New York, NY - October 3, 2000 -Disney On Ice SM features medal-winning professional skaters, performing technically complicated jumps and turns at each performance.

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Before you step onto the ice, either with keen fearlessness or with nervous trepidation, check out these quick tips for ice skating beginners to save potential embarrassment.

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In this 2-part hockey training series, I will be addressing the main glaring issues hockey players have that are limiting their skating speed and stopping them from performing at their absolute best out on the ice.

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Once your toddler has learned the basic elements of ice-skating, he or she will have the confidence and interest to further develop skills in other areas such as speed skating, hockey, ringette or figure skating, and build a life long love for winter ice sports.Luckily, I discovered ice skating when I was eight and a half years old.Ice skating is one of the most fun ways to exercise, especially if you skate outdoors where you can soak up the scenery and enjoy nature.Figure skating is a sport in which individuals, duos, or groups perform on figure skates on ice.

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