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We believe that emotional, mental, and spiritual flexibility are virtuous and life-enhancing, and when it comes to yoga practice, paramount.

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As mentioned, yin and yang are complementary forces that work together—not against one other—and exist in all of us.

When I think of balancing poses in yoga, I immediately picture someone standing serenely on one leg in Tree Pose, but there are so many other poses that help improve your balance.Each session has time devoted to meditation, self awareness and consciousness.After taking classes at their OKC studios for a couple years, I was so sad when I moved to Tulsa and I struggled to find a good studio.Balance creates emotional harmony, mental clarity and spiritual energy.

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The highest Hindu intellectual training was based on the practice of yoga, and produced, as its fruit, those marvellous philosophical systems, the six Darshanas and the Brahma Sutras, which are still the delight of scholars and the inspiration of occultists and mystics.

Fall for yoga all over again with this sequence scientifically proven to boost balance and agility from YJ LIVE.

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Becky decided to pursue her calling and attended seminary in the Episcopal Church.

Remember to breathe and always start your yoga practice with a brief meditation.

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This study used a controlled, nonrandomized design, where the experimental group underwent a 5-month training program and were then compared with the.We focus hatha and vinyasa flow and use breathing techniques such as Pranayama in the classes.Our morning sessions are a more active and energizing vinyasa flow and afternoon.Needless to say this is key as we age and is especially important for seniors and the elderly.

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Quite literally, we place ourselves in physical equilibrium with a fundamental force of nature.This in turn brings you back into proper alignment which leads to improved flexibility and balance (both physical and mental).

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When a fall could easily result in a trip to the doctor, or even require surgery, staying upright on your own two feet becomes a rather pressing issue.In fact, traditional Chinese medicine tells us that to reach total health and wellness, yin and yang must support one another and balance equally.

When practicing balance, or yoga poses in general, the foundation is the part of our body in contact with the floor.

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Super clean studio, warm healing space, teachers are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful to your growth.I could barely contain my….